3 Questions Reading

3 Questions Reading

Service offered in Finnish, English, Romanian and Spanish language.


I'll tell you everything that comes from the past that affects your present and your guiders wish for you to be aware of. The most predominant events from your present and future energies together with the best advice from your guiders and myself.


Tell me briefly what is the situation you are inquiring about and your questions.


Delivery time 2-3 days.


Much bliss, Kaze

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    Thank you for ordering from Kazeverse. My customers experience is very important to me.

     All orders have a 24h cancellation time and can be refunded if cancelled in time. Please allow up to 5 working days for the refund to be shown into your account.

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  • Disclaimer

    Kazeverse is not responsible for the customer's actions or own interpretation of the service and their future actions. Kazeverse does not take any responsibility for the future events that will happen in the customer's life nor does make any promises of any of the predictions to come into reality as Tarot is an energy based sciences which requires customer's constant effort for alignment and creating their own reality.

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